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Napapijri was born in 1987 in the shade of Europe’s highest peak, in Mont Blanc where an Italian travel bag maker gave outdoor clothes a new meaning by combining innovative materials and designing clothes with attention to detail and style. The Napapri collection is inspired by the complexity of the great missions of the last century and the fearless explorers who transformed their lives into unique experiences, unique trips. The first product of Napapirji was a handbag symbol, Bering, which encapsulated this idea at just over 60 cm long, making it the instantaneous main product.

All the products of Napapri are finally a journey to multiculturalism. An Italian brand, with a Finnish name and a literature from the Norwegian flag, began from the very beginning Napapijri in many crossroads: defying tag labels and following the unexpected journey to nature and creativity the napapijri brand has escaped from the narrow limits.

From the poles to the city.

The evolution of the brand into an strong presence in the world of premium leasure wear has been filtered through the creation of a set of items that have succesfully rendered our philosophy wearable. Inspired by our connection to the extreme landscapes of the poles, we let Northern wisdom inspire the creation of two of our most iconic products by transforming the anorak into a familiar sight in the urban landscape: Skidoo, and Rainforest .

Hamilton | συλλογή Napapijri
Hamilton | συλλογή Napapijri

Research, fashion, innovation

Every campaign, every item, is pieced together by a narrative that looks forward to what is coming next. Secure in our past, we proceed into the future with optimisim, looking forward to unlock new possibilities, new shapes and technologies.

Hamilton is the first company in Greece that sensed this philosophy and embraced it. In our retail store we have napapijri jackets, rainforest napapijri, in stock, many colors, napapijri offers, taps napapijri, at good prices and for all sizes.

We like Napapijri for not using animal fur for any of its products using a technology called eco-fur and are synthetic Kanecaron® fibers with a production process that contains no chemicals and additives.

Hamilton | συλλογή Napapijri

Also many times we see our customers wondering if the jackets and Napapijri clothes will be warm since they are so light. Here also is a new nano-patented THERMO-FIBRE ™ technology with micro-beaded cloth embedding the air creating a soft, quilted quilted texture that provides excellent thermal balancing, insulation and quick drying capability.