Our unique proposals for the costume suit for 2018 through a careful and distinctive photography.

Wedding Attire

New colors (such as blue or purse) in various shades, of course, with the timeless and always up-to-date colors of the embroidered dress (black, blue, anthracite, gray, ice, exclusively in our store.

κοστουμια γαμπριατικα | Hamilton Menswear

Formal / Black Tie Wedding Attire

Tux is a unique experience for the modern man. It is the pinnacle of men’s formal attire and something undeniably and undeniably exalts a male image.

If accompanied by a high quality cloth and accompanied by a proper bow tie, special belt and a bright white shirt then the tuxedo is the ultimate cloth for the groom.

The usual colors are black and blue azule worn at noon but also white.

Brands we partner for wedding suits

Hamilton | ανδρικα ρουχα
Hamilton | Hamilton
Hamilton | ανδρικα ρουχα
Hamilton | ανδρικα ρουχα

Official Men’s Suits and After-Wedding Attire

In recent years, due to financial difficulties and usability, the tendency for good-quality, economical men’s wedding suits has prevailed and can be used after the marriage in business or the other formal activities of the groom.

When you think of it then we recommend a series of suits that do not have many effects and especially sewing, threads and effects but are simple. The only one we do not recommend is to fall into the quality of the fabric because the suit is something that is worn everyday and for many hours and you do not want to bother and change.

Hamilton | σμοκιν γαμπριάτικο

Who pays the groom’s suit?

Because a ‘mythology’ has developed, we will talk to you traditionally. The man pays the obligations himself. The costume is one of its own and is paid by him. Let’s not forget that a gown suit is in most cases an official garment that will be worn later and on many other occasions and will have the man later. The Greek tradition says he pays for it and it is right.

Our job at Hamilton as designers and resellers of branded clothes is to help you and to serve you better and to satisfy your every requirement.