We work closely with our customers to design, select fabrics and manufacture certified garments. Once we understand exactly what our customers are looking for, we begin construction and ensure that these requirements are fully implemented, while ensuring that the end product is suitable for that purpose.

We strive to offer innovative products with unique features and benefits that fit perfectly to the demands of every customer’s workplace.

Why you should choose Hamilton


Hamilton SA is a family business with more than 55 years experience in the manufacture of workwear in Greece.

Our priority is to ensure that we fully understand the requirement and to encourage the creative contribution of our customers throughout the creative and manufacturing process to make sure that we implement the project exactly as it wishes. We offer a complete service to our customers, from design to the final product. We are one of the few companies that are still manufacturing reliable work clothes and professional uniforms in Greece.

We have many basic workwear designs along with fabric samples for you to choose before making any decisions. It is important to create a sample before proceeding to the mass-build process so that our customers know what product they will have in their hands before we proceed to mass production.

We work and have experience in a wide range of basic cottons, poly-cottons and polyesters to technical fabrics such as breathable laminates, high-visibility fabrics and specialty specifications.

We offer technical expertise in areas where security is of paramount importance, maintaining our own technical records with established test facilities in Greece in a wide range of pre-certified styles.

Sampling and testing services are provided.

European Standards for Protective Clothing - EN Standards

Standards for employee protection clothing or protective clothing standards set the requirements for clothing required against various hazards such as chemicals and biological agents, heat, adverse weather conditions and mechanical hazards (cuts, knocks, etc.). This clothing specifically protects the trunk / belly (eg waistcoats) and the hands (eg jacket) or legs (eg trousers), but it may also apply to the whole body (wholehearted forms). In case you are interested in standards of protection of fruits, eyes, breathing, hearing and head or feet, see the corresponding guides we have prepared.

There are simple, low-wear professional clothes that do not fall under the PPE category and do not necessarily require compliance with a standard. Such clothes are, for example, white lab coats or simple work gowns. These working clothes also include simple single-piece work forms (unless high distinctiveness or cold protection, etc.) are required. However, these garments often comply with the basic EN 340 standard.

On the contrary, jackets, trousers and coats, as well as high visibility vests with reflective tapes, must be produced according to specific European standards. Different types of disposable items, such as uniforms, if they are intended for a specific level of protection (eg from liquid chemicals or radioactive agents, etc.) also have to comply with specific standards. Below are basic European standards for EN standards for mechanical hazards (cuts, jabs, etc.), adverse weather conditions (such as cold, etc.), chemical and biological hazards, flame and electricity as well as radioactivity.

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Branding in working clothes

Your Brand name in working clothes.

Our customers benefit from choosing to include their own labels in every work outfit we manufacture to further personalize their products.

Reprocessing existing projects

As part of our business remains in the Greek Space, we are able to offer reprocessing and customization services including:

  • Repackaging / packaging
  • Add a reflective tape to the clothes
  • Add in pockets
  • Adjusting foot length etc.

ISO Tests and Certification

An integral part of our special clothing service is to ensure that all new designs continue to meet the testing requirements and are certified according to the relevant standards.

The production of professional uniforms is ISO certified.