Our long-term cooperation with large construction companies abroad enables us to offer excellent quality fabrics and seams at very competitive prices.

In our privately owned spaces 1800sqm. operates a retail store for men’s clothing with a wide range of import or non-branded goods, branded or not.



The company HERITAGE HAMILTON P. MYTILINEOS S.A. was founded by Patroklos Mytilineos and was first operated under the name MYTILINEOS PATROCLOS, dealing with the trade of fabrics.


He establishes his first clothing manufacturing unit with a purely export orientation. Until 1973 the company has in its activities 2 garment factories and a factory of fabrics – chests. In 1974, all the companies are merged into HERITAGE HAMILTON P. MYTILINEOS AVEE, a title that exists until today. Along with exports, the company supplies all major customers in Greece, while at the same time it becomes a supplier of the Greek Public Sector.


Given the shift of the market to low-cost countries, the company reduces its productive activities in the textile sector and deals with the marketing and manufacture of ready-made clothing, both for retail and high-quality workwear, which it maintains to date.


Retail Store